Sean Sheppard – Fierce and Compassionate Attorney

Posted by”Scooter”
October 7, 2014

Sean Sheppard recently represented me in a personal injury case after I was in a very serious auto accident. If it wasn’t for Sean’s ability and unwavering dedication to my case, I would not have been able to afford to stay in my home. He fought very hard for me and thanks to his savvy and diligence in dealing with my case, I don’t have to worry about finances anymore. All during the legal process he also made sure I received all the medical treatments and equipment I needed. Sean is very strong in researching your case and knows how to go after a successful outcome. In addition to his strong legal skills, he is an outstanding human being. He is very compassionate & cares about his clients. He is always fair and very attentive to communications and quick to respond. Even my dog would look forward to our meetings with Sean. Dogs always seem to know who the good people are.

Superb Attorney in all areas

Posted by a Commercial Real Estate client
September 17, 2013

It is with great respect, admiration, and pride that I take the time to write this review for Attorney, Sean P. Sheppard. I am a real estate broker who deals mainly in “high end” real estate, mostly commercial, and well in excess of a million dollars. Sean has handled at least 30 transactions over 15 years. He has assisted clients with complex title issues, advising on financial and future business planning, establishing many corporations for my clients, wills/trusts, closings, some civil litigation. I have recommended his services to many of my clients or associates that I come in contact with. He responds to phone calls and emails with quick response, his level of intelligence, legal knowledge, written response and filings are extremely impressive. His character and demeanor is also commendable. He is generous with his time and fair in his billing and treats each and every client with a high level of respect and with a fierce fight and determination to do the best job for each and every client. I was introduced to Sean when he was not long out of law school and have grown fond of him as a person and extreme respect for him as an attorney. Sean never wavers in his oath as an attorney and gives his “all” with high levels of professionalism, respect, quiet but fierce and strong drive, and with compassion that cannot be taught but only come from within.

In a recent transaction, the process hit some “bumps and curves” in the road which required a lot of communication via email, phone, and preparation of numerous documents. Sean was always quick to respond and to keep this process moving forward in a timely professional manner that stayed within guidelines outlined in the request of his client. I may also note that you will not only get responses and communication from Sean during a “9-5” business day. On many occasions, his email could be received at 6am or 11pm and often on a weekend. He is a diligent man with excellent work ethics, who has a soft approach, excellent guidance backed with enormous knowledge, while meeting every need of his client. He spoke in a soft voice and fully explained each and every step; much like he had done to get to that point. I know I have ALWAYS been pleased with Sean’s work and have had nothing but positive reviews from clients or associates that I have referred to him.

Sean Sheppard is a “class act” and an attorney that could be highly recommended to handle ANY type of situation because he is qualified in many areas of law.

Sean FIGHTS for you !!

Posted by “Ivy”
September 1, 2013

I am not one to write comments or messages at websites, but when I found out there were different webpages to review your doctor or lawyer, I knew I had to take the time to write something about my attorney, Sean Sheppard.

You see, I had a personal injury case and met with 3 other attorney’s before meeting Sean. All three meetings turned into grave disappointment as one wouldn’t take the case and the other two just wanted so much money and actually had attitudes that did not give me any confidence in how they would handle my case. But then I was referred to Sean Sheppard. When I met with him I was immediately encouraged and felt confident he would do a good job and would treat me right. He turned out to be the best lawyer that I could ever have hired!

We were up against a huge company with a big legal department, and they were not about to admit any wrongdoing. Sean fought so hard for me and would not quit until he won me a hearty and fair settlement. All during the long case, Sean was always in close contact and always returned all my telephone calls and emails promptly.

Since that case I’ve hired Sean for some other difficult and tedious family and business matters, and again I feel fully satisfied in all the work he has done for me. Sean Sheppard is one smart, energetic, diligent attorney with incredible research skills and above all—he has a great compassion for his clients. He will FIGHT for you like you were one of his own family and bring you the best results possible in your case. You won’t find a more passionate and skilled attorney than Sean Sheppard.

Sheppard Law – Sean is Superb Lawyer

Posted by Annie
March 7, 2013

Over the years I’ve had to hire a lawyer for various situations. Although I was generally pleased with my dealings with those attorneys, Sean Sheppard is the first attorney who I actually felt I could trust completely and he treated me with the utmost respect. He reached a most favorable outcome in my lawsuit and I always felt he cared about me as a person and was dedicated to reaching a positive result in my case. He was very prompt in his returning my calls and emails and I felt he was incrediblly fair in the fees he charged. Sean proved to be a superior attorney with attention to detail. He was most polite and considrate in how he handled himself in court, but proved to be a very formidable opponent in fighting for my rights. Without any hesitation, I would strongly agree Sean Sheppard is an outstanding lawyer and you will be most pleased if you hire him to represent you.

Small firm…big results

Posted by Frank
February 1, 2013

Sean Sheppard is very sharp and knowledgeable. His legal fees and billing are very fair, and he get results (for my case against my Homeowners Association, it was immedeately).

From here on out, he is my only Lawyer.

Sean Sheppard – Smart and Effective Attorney

Posted by Dillon
January 30, 2013

Sean Sheppard represented my elderly Mom in a civil litigation. In addition to reaching a most successful outcome for my mother, I found Sean to be a very understanding and compassionate attorney in how he communicated with my Mom in a very difficult legal process. My Mom appreciated his kindness and attentiveness thru all phases of the litigation. The outcome Sean reached in trial was outstanding for my Mom. Thanks Sean!!

Great Lawyer – Protected me every step of the way

Posted by Spencer
December 18, 2012

I hired Sean Sheppard to help me with a divorce matter. I interviewed other attorney’s and decided on Sean. Initially I made that decision because he didn’t gouge me with an outrageous retainer fee. But I quickly learned that he was extremely diligent, inteligent, and pleasantly agressive in his covering my case. He sprang into action and got me thru the divorce in a short period of time and was able to protect all of my assets from a very dishonest and manipulative spouce. Maybe I initially was thinking about money when I hired him, but after going thru this divorce with him representing me I am so glad I ended up hiring Sean over some of those other stuffed shirts. I’d advise anybody looking for a divorce attorney to hire Sean. He is worth every penny of what he charged me and a heck of a decent human being.

Sean Sheppard a great lawyer and a great guy

Posted by a Partnership client
September 28, 2012

I could not have gotten through a very nasty and cut throat partnership dispute without the compassion, skill and perseverance of Sean Sheppard. All of my calls and questions were answered personally and he worked with us to keep our legal bills reasonable. Sean is very professional and produced excellent results for my business and my family while being empathtetic and caring. If you are looking for a lawyer who will protect your rights and go the extra mile, then you will never regret hiring Sean Sheppard

Sean Sheppard: An OUTSTANDING Attorney

Posted by a Litigation client
September 27, 2012

I interviewed many attorneys prior to hiring Sean Sheppard. I found him to be an excellent attorney in all aspects of my case and extremely knowledgeable. He is in constant communication with me, and always take my phone calls.

I highly recommend this firm. Mr. Sheppard is an outstanding and caring lawyer and will produce excellent results.

Sean Patrick Sheppard ~ ~ Fierce, Effective, Compassionate Attorney

Posted by a Contracts client
September 27, 2012

In my fight against a Fortune 500 company, Sean Sheppard earned my full trust and gratitude as he represented me in a highly complex and gruelling battle against a huge corporation with never ending resources. Sean was a fierce advocate in handling my case and was always fair and reasonable with everyone concerned. He is an outstanding and caring attorney and person. . . a professional, knowledgeable, and honest attorney. He was completely thorough and well prepared. His expertise, dedication, honesty, fortitude, and compassion are only a few of the reasons that I highly recommend Sean Sheppard’s firm