Posted by a Commercial Real Estate client
September 17, 2013

It is with great respect, admiration, and pride that I take the time to write this review for Attorney, Sean P. Sheppard. I am a real estate broker who deals mainly in “high end” real estate, mostly commercial, and well in excess of a million dollars. Sean has handled at least 30 transactions over 15 years. He has assisted clients with complex title issues, advising on financial and future business planning, establishing many corporations for my clients, wills/trusts, closings, some civil litigation. I have recommended his services to many of my clients or associates that I come in contact with. He responds to phone calls and emails with quick response, his level of intelligence, legal knowledge, written response and filings are extremely impressive. His character and demeanor is also commendable. He is generous with his time and fair in his billing and treats each and every client with a high level of respect and with a fierce fight and determination to do the best job for each and every client. I was introduced to Sean when he was not long out of law school and have grown fond of him as a person and extreme respect for him as an attorney. Sean never wavers in his oath as an attorney and gives his “all” with high levels of professionalism, respect, quiet but fierce and strong drive, and with compassion that cannot be taught but only come from within.

In a recent transaction, the process hit some “bumps and curves” in the road which required a lot of communication via email, phone, and preparation of numerous documents. Sean was always quick to respond and to keep this process moving forward in a timely professional manner that stayed within guidelines outlined in the request of his client. I may also note that you will not only get responses and communication from Sean during a “9-5” business day. On many occasions, his email could be received at 6am or 11pm and often on a weekend. He is a diligent man with excellent work ethics, who has a soft approach, excellent guidance backed with enormous knowledge, while meeting every need of his client. He spoke in a soft voice and fully explained each and every step; much like he had done to get to that point. I know I have ALWAYS been pleased with Sean’s work and have had nothing but positive reviews from clients or associates that I have referred to him.

Sean Sheppard is a “class act” and an attorney that could be highly recommended to handle ANY type of situation because he is qualified in many areas of law.