Posted by “Ivy”
September 1, 2013

I am not one to write comments or messages at websites, but when I found out there were different webpages to review your doctor or lawyer, I knew I had to take the time to write something about my attorney, Sean Sheppard.

You see, I had a personal injury case and met with 3 other attorney’s before meeting Sean. All three meetings turned into grave disappointment as one wouldn’t take the case and the other two just wanted so much money and actually had attitudes that did not give me any confidence in how they would handle my case. But then I was referred to Sean Sheppard. When I met with him I was immediately encouraged and felt confident he would do a good job and would treat me right. He turned out to be the best lawyer that I could ever have hired!

We were up against a huge company with a big legal department, and they were not about to admit any wrongdoing. Sean fought so hard for me and would not quit until he won me a hearty and fair settlement. All during the long case, Sean was always in close contact and always returned all my telephone calls and emails promptly.

Since that case I’ve hired Sean for some other difficult and tedious family and business matters, and again I feel fully satisfied in all the work he has done for me. Sean Sheppard is one smart, energetic, diligent attorney with incredible research skills and above all—he has a great compassion for his clients. He will FIGHT for you like you were one of his own family and bring you the best results possible in your case. You won’t find a more passionate and skilled attorney than Sean Sheppard.