civil litigationSean P. Sheppard has handled hundreds of contested trials before Judges and juries, and has also mediated hundreds of matters to successful conclusions. Mr. Sheppard’s over twenty (20) years of experience affords to his clients the benefit of his counsel. Civil litigation matters are oftentimes life-changing events. Whether you are prosecuting a civil action or defending against one, the financial and related consequences of the litigation can impact your life permanently. Do not trust such matters to an attorney who has little to no trial experience. Ask the attorney you are interviewing about his or her litigation experience. Ask the attorney how many cases they have tried before Judges and juries. In this day and age of technology, most dockets are available electronically, so check the information provided by your attorney to make sure that what they are telling you is consistent with reality. Look to social media and the Internet to find out whether the attorney you are interviewing has been complained about by previous clients or has favorable reviews. Ask about the rates that will be charged by the attorney and his or her staff. Compares those rates to the years of practice for the attorney. Like with all things, you are going to get what you pay for when it comes to hiring an attorney. Take time in interviewing your attorney, and make certain to check the background and qualifications of the attorney that you hire. For over twenty (20) years, Sean P. Sheppard has provided valuable counsel at fair rates to clients involved in civil litigation. Mr. Sheppard is available to provide to you the advice of a sound, competent trial attorney at a fair hourly rate.

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