criminal defenseSean P. Sheppard began his career as a criminal defense attorney in the United States Navy, as a Judge Advocate General. Mr. Sheppard has personally handled hundreds of criminal proceedings before judges and juries, has personally handled contested and negotiated pleas on behalf of defendants involved in all charges ranging from drug offenses to first degree murder. Mr. Sheppard has handled all manner of criminal offense, including drug possession, drug distribution, sexual offenses, including child molestation, rape and sexual battery, robbery, grand theft, petty theft, DUI offenses, aggravated assault, white collar crimes, fraud and racketeering offenses. Throughout his career, Mr. Sheppard has continued to handle defense of criminal defendants in misdemeanor and felony matters. Mr. Sheppard’s trial experience allows for him to provide advice to all criminal defendants regardless of whether a client desires to enter into a negotiated plea or contest the matter at trial before a Judge or jury.

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