courtroomSean P. Sheppard has personally handled over sixty (60) appeals before District Courts of Appeals in the State of Florida. Mr. Sheppard has also argued cases before The Florida Supreme Court, and recently was successful on appeal before The Florida Supreme Court, obtaining a reversal of an opinion entered by the Fifth District Court of Appeals (see Browning v. Poirier). Mr. Sheppard’s over twenty (20) years of experience as a litigator and transactional attorney offers clients an invaluable resource that cannot be found in attorneys who only handle appeals. Many attorneys who handle appellate matters have never tried a case and are entirely unfamiliar with the clinical work of a trial attorney, motion practice and pretrial practice. Mr. Sheppard’s extensive experience as a trial attorney allows for clients to have the benefit of both a trial attorney and an appellate attorney. Mr. Sheppard was a member of Law Review while obtaining his juris doctorate at Nova Southeastern University, and has impeccable legal research and writing skills. If you should wish to obtain samples of Mr. Sheppard’s work, they are available upon request.

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